Private Sector Advisory Council (PSAC)


The PSAC was formed in 2021 to replace its predecessor, the Private Sector Advisory Panel (PSAP). Consisting of executives from national, regional and international organisations, as well as some non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the PSAC is the first-ever committee that represents all sectors of the cotton textile supply chain, with members grouped into one of four Permanent Committees:

  • Permanent Committee on Producers and Ginners
  • Permanent Committee on Merchants and Other Cotton-Related Activities
  • Permanent Committee on Spinners, Weavers and Machinery Manufacturers
  • Permanent Committee on Brands and Retailers
  • PSAC Executive Committee (Consisting of three nominated members from each Permanent Committee)

Membership of the PSAC is free and its mandate is to foster communication between the private sector and ICAC member governments in order to raise global industry concerns and promote global and regional initiatives that benefit the cotton industry. Cotton and textile professionals who work at a national, regional or international organization or an NGO who want to learn more about the PSAC and its activities can contact Commodity Trade Analyst Parkhi Vats

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